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Turnkey Services from Ship to Site

This 400T heavy lift floating crane will accommodate most vessels and is capable of cargo transfer from ship, barge, shore, rail, truck, or specialized carrier.

Barnhart will provide turnkey services from ship to site.

  • Discharge 400T cargo at midship
  • Port of Mobile allows for quick and easy access from the sea buoy
  • Port supported by six class one railroads
  • Rail Logistics Services
  • Inland Barge Logistics Services
  • Rail and Barge Securement Services
  • Goldholfer trailer available on-site
  • Dockside Crane services available
  • Industrial Warehousing with Rail and Water Access
  • Turnkey Services from Manufacturer to Anchor Bolts
  • Memphis, TN Heavy Lift Terminal Featuring 1,250 T Derrick Crane
  • Engineering and Planning Services
  • Waterfront Construction Services

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